5 Podcasts That Will Rock Your World

5 Podcasts That Will Rock Your World

October 24, 2017

Here at TIVC, we’re big fans of the humble podcast, and if you’re not on the podcast train yet, you’re definitely missing out. Whenever we want to open our minds, have a giggle or learn the latest entrepreneurial secrets, we open our podcast app. With so much quality content to choose from, the hardest decision you will have to make is choosing what to listen to first. These are our top five podcast picks that will rock your world.  

Open Your Mind

The Rich Roll Podcast


Unlocking your best self is the motto to Rich Roll’s acclaimed podcast. With a new interview each week with an inspiring individual, you’ll be feeling all sorts of warm fuzzies and motivation after listening to an episode. Delving into topics like health, fitness, nutrition, art, entrepreneurship, and spirituality, no question is off limits for those who sit in Roll’s hot seat. Be prepared to get deep, have your morals challenged and open your mind to some incredible stories.

One to listen to: EP 266: Navy SEAL David Goggins is the toughest athlete on Earth – Thoughts on mindset, the 40% rule and why purpose always trumps motivation


Female Power

Rookie Mag Podcast 

If you haven’t heard of Rookie Mag by now, we’re about to introduce you to a world of wonder. Founded by Tavi Gevinson when she was just 15 years old (!!!!!) this online magazine explores what it means to grow up as a female, and pulls advice from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith, and Roxanne Gaye. In fact, for their first podcast, they interviewed Lorde! Talk about making a statement. The Rookie world feels like a giant community and there are opportunities to contribute to the podcast and interact with other listeners. 

One to listen to: EP 1: A Year of Emotions, feat. Lorde and Hilton Als


Get to Work

Strategy Hour


Own a business? Thinking about starting a business? Work freelance? The Strategy Hour is the podcast you’ve been looking for. Run by Think Creative Collective (a super cool site for all things small biz), this Podcast delves into the nitty gritty when it comes to being your own boss. Get your notepad out and prepare to take down a lot of notes, this is a goldmine of tips, tricks and insider secrets. 

One to listen to: EP 103: 15 Ways to Combat Mental Illness and Still run a Successful Business with Marissa Pane


Make Your Ears Laugh

My Dad Wrote A Porno


You’ve probably heard of this one, a man discovered that his Dad wrote a porno in his spare time and decided to read it aloud with two friends for our ears to enjoy. They even have a live show now, talk about taking it to the next level! Think of this podcast like a TV series but for your ears. With 3 seasons, a ton of episodes and even footnotes there’s a lot to explore in the world of Rocky Flintstone. Crack out this podcast on a long summer road trip with friends for bulk laughs and good times.

One to listen to: EP 1: The Job Interview


Create Great Content 

Art of Visuals


If you’re into taking photos, you’re probably already following @artofvisuals on Instagram. With a successful app and website it was only a matter of time until the team dived into the podcast world,  and so far they haven’t disappointed. If you’re dying to know the story behind some of your favourite photographers on Instagram, or how to partner with businesses for content creation, this is the podcast for you. 

One to listen to: EP 13: @visitidaho – An insiders look into the tourism industry and steps for taking successful action


Words written by Carolyn West

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