The Mothers Day Gift Edit

The Mothers Day Gift Edit

April 24, 2019

Vegan Mothers Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get mum a special little something to show her how much you appreciate the whole “you gave life to me” thing. Why not tell her thank you by getting her something that is both luxurious and useful? 

Consider adding a layer of thoughtfulness to this year’s present for mom by getting her something cruelty-free and vegan. While this may seem restrictive, there are many great new vegan items on the market today. Before we get into the gift guide, let’s go over what precisely makes a vegan present. 

Here’s what to avoid when buying vegan gifts: 

● Anything containing non-vegan foods. Non-vegan food consists of anything containing meat, dairy, eggs, honey, or gelatin. 

● Bath products that contain any of the above ingredients or that have been tested on animals. 

● Clothing made out of leather, animal fur or silk. 

● Jewelry designed with leather, suede or real feathers. 

● Candles or similar items made with beeswax. 

Fortunately, everything we at TIVC create is cruelty-free and vegan, making finding the perfect present for mum easy! We’ve included our top picks here to make it even quicker for you to get it done. 

Perfect for: The mum who loves to be a trendsetter

This special watch has straps made with a very unique material called Pinatex. Pinatex is made from pineapple fibre that is sourced ethically from the Philippines. Pinatex looks and feels like leather, soft to the touch and built to withstand daily use (they even hold up when to mum life). With the use of pineapple leather becoming mainstream, this watch is sure to be a talking point.  Available in silver, gold and rose gold, you're sure to find the perfect fit for mum's style.

Silver Watch with Pinatex Band

Silver | Pinatex

Rose Gold and Pinatex

Rose Gold | Pinatex

Gold and Pinatex

Gold | Pinatex

Perfect for: The mum who loves to travel

TIVC’s Vegan Leather Wallet is the perfect travel accessory for a mom that loves to see the world. It comes with enough space to store her passport, 3 cards, her boarding pass and a pouch for spare dollars and coins. This faux leather wallet is the only item on this list that comes with the option of monogramming it with your mum’s initials. This special touch adds an extra level of thoughtfulness to an already beautiful gift.  As an extra bonus - this one is also on sale!

Vegan Leather Black Travel Wallet Monogrammed

Vegan Leather Travel Wallet

(Monogramming Available)

Vegan Leather Black Travel Wallet

Vegan Leather Travel Wallet 

(Monogramming Available)

Perfect for: The mum with classic style

What better gift is there than this gorgeous handcrafted timepiece?  Perfect for smaller wrists, the slim 36mm gold case surrounding the watch’s face is made from 100% recycled aluminum, making it eco-friendly as well as vegan. This classic watch is guaranteed to be great for any style preference, making it a safe choice for Mother’s Day.

36mm Gold and Black Vegan Leather

36mm Gold | Black Vegan Leather

Perfect for: the busy corporate mum

This beautiful rose gold watch uses faux suede bands that are made in Italy. The gorgeous vegan suede bands are equally at home in the office or for a casual weekend.  While many faux products are just as harmful to the earth as commonly used animal-based products, the production process of making these straps is akin to that of paper recycling, meaning no harmful chemicals are used. This watch makes for a wonderful eco-friendly and animal-friendly gift.   Our eco suede watches are available in both 40mm and 36m sizes (40mm pictured).

Rose Gold Watch and Grey Suede

Rose Gold | Grey Suede

Silver Watch and Grey Suede Band

Silver | Grey Suede

Gold Watch and Grey Suede Band

Gold | Grey Suede


Still can't decide?  Shop our range of gift vouchers and let mum choose her perfect present.

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