4 minutes with Claire Mueller - PR & Comms Manager for Pinatex

4 minutes with Claire Mueller - PR & Comms Manager for Pinatex

December 01, 2017

Ever wondered what the life of a creative product stylist/PR and comms manager for one of the fastest grown innovative brands in the world right now looks like? We took 4 minutes to chat with Claire Mueller, who took her life from the sunny shores of Perth to the streets of London to follow her passion.

What's your current job title?
I’m the PR & Communications Manager for Ananas Anam, who make the incredible natural textile Piñatex®, and a freelance brand consultant / object stylist.

How did you land a job like that?

What's a day in the life of Claire like?
Full! I thrive on being busy and love having varied projects on the go, I think it brings a dynamic creative energy to life. A typical day is waking up early for a run, getting ready super fast (I’m all about the functional capsule wardrobe, little black dress and sneakers everyday), checking emails and socials on my way to the office, then anything from liaising with designers/stylists/media to meeting creatives and sustainability advocates to designing brand assets, to styling and shooting visual communications. If I’m not working late (by choice - #lovewhatIdo) I’m out at events focused around art, food or social impact.


What are the top 3 things you need with you in your styling kit?
3 Ikea bags!!

Where do you draw inspiration from when you begin styling and creating content?
For me it’s always about the story behind the product. I usually start from the product itself - the colours and forms, the materials, the history behind the design - then think about what the content is for, who the audience is, what their cultural context is...

What are you top tips when it comes to content creation?
Go in with a purpose. Visual communication has a message - and if you don’t know what you’re trying to say you won’t end up saying anything.

What is your favourite product to style?
I specialise in product styling so anything that stays in place I put it is a winner! Sneakers are a personal fav, and crisp while shirts.

Follow Claire on social media: @clairemueller 

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