Traveling soon? These Are Our Top Travel Hacks

Traveling soon? These Are Our Top Travel Hacks

October 31, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Whether it’s a road trip to Bryon, or an expedition overseas, knowing how to save money, time and space can be a huge lifesaver, and be the difference between being able to afford one more beer with your mates. Luckily for you, we’ve got your back with our top travel hacks for your next adventure.

Want to hire a car?
One of the most frustrating things about traveling is car hire. If never-ending lines, expensive hidden costs and push sales assistants makes you sweat, get on board with Turo, especially if you’re travelling to the United States and Europe. Think Airbnb but for cars. Pick your price point, pick up your ride or get it dropped off to you, pick your miles/day and you’re ready to explore. Cheap and affordable car hire without all the BS. 

Want to pack more clothes but save on space?
Picture this: You’re all set to go on your next adventure but can’t fit in those hiking boots you need to take with you because everything else is taking up too much space. What do you do? Instead of sacrificing that fave tee or a few toiletries invest in some compression packing cells. Roll up your clothes and then roll up the bag to squeeze all the air out. Simple. As an extra tip, assign different cell colours to clothing items so that everything is easy to find in your bag.

Travelling solo and want some company for a day?
Going overseas by yourself is a life-changing experience, but sometimes it can get a little lonely. Depending on your travel style, sometimes making friends is hard, especially if you’re not in a tour group or staying at a hostel. This is where Couchsurfing comes in handy. Normally reserved for free accommodation in exchange for skills or company, the Couchsurfing app also has an option to request to hang out with other users. You can specify what you want to do - like grabbing a beer or going for a hike - and people within a small radius can get in touch with you to organise a day out. The best part about Couchsurfing is that there’s a great mix of tourists and locals, so you can get an authentic cultural experience. 

Looking at going somewhere new but have no idea where to start?
It’s no secret that a traveller’s best friend is other travellers and their recommendations. Sometimes the amount of choice when it comes to places to stay and things to do can be overwhelming, and if you don’t know someone who has been there and done it, it’s hard to know where to start. This is where Reddit forums come in to play. With a thread for just about anything, it’s easy to get the DL from a whole wealth of knowledge. In need of somewhere cheap to stay in Thailand that has a great social vibe? There’s a whole discussion on it. Want to know how to avoid pickpockets in Europe? Covered. Post a specific question or be prepared to spend hours combing through everyone’s top tips. 

Need food but trying to save cash?
When you’re away from home, food is going to be one of your most important travel expenses because, without it, you’re not going to have the energy to squeeze in all the super awesome activities you have planned. When you’re on a tight budget, eating out can be expensive and shopping for groceries in touristy areas can be even worse. Instead, a quick Google search will tell you the closest farmer’s market, or venture out to suburban areas for cheaper supermarket deals. If you’re staying in one place long enough, sign up to a supermarket rewards program for extra savings. And, if you’re really strapped for cash and feeling brave, give dumpster diving a go - just make sure you don’t salvage any perishable goods, you might get sick!



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