At Time IV Change our mantra is to give you a better way to celebrate what you believe. Which is why we're always striving towards innovative ways that minimise the impact our production has on animals, people and the environment.
We believe that a little change equates to a lot when people like you come together to express your values. And purchasing one of our vegan leather watches is just the start.
Here's how your decision to invest in our collection of vegan watches online has a direct impact on the world we share.


First and foremost, animals suffer the most cruel, painful and unimaginable lives when it comes to using them for food and leather. In the case of leather, calves can be up to only a few days old before they are slaughtered for their skin.

Cows in India endure a 12+ hour death march in which healthy young cows are deliberately maimed or poised so that they can be declared fit for slaughter as it is "illegal" to kill healthy cattle in India.

Cows collapse form hunger, exhaustion injury and despair while handlers force them along
by breaking their tails at each joint and rubbing tobacco, chillies and sea salt into their eyes. 10% of the overall value when these animals are at the slaughterhouse are for it's skin.

When we purchase leather goods it helps and encourages the meat industry. Leather is the most valuable co-product which continues to support the industry of factory farming. Another 10% of animals die in the slaughterhouse due to illness and stress.

Another disturbing truth is that without conducting DNA tests on your product, it is impossible to specify which animal it has come from. Due to purposeful mislabeling, it is very hard for you to know which animal your leather truly came from.
For example, In China, dogs are stolen and then commonly used in the leather industries with the leather being sold throughout the world to unsuspecting customers, usually under the label "lamb skin" and as there are no penalties for abusing animals on fur and leather farms in China, rabbits, dogs, cats and other animals are crammed tightly into outdoor wired cages without shelter from rain, freezing nights and the scorching sun.

Being yanked out of their cage, thrown to the ground and bludgeoned, undercover investigators from Swiss Animal Protection found many animals are still ALIVE and struggling while being hung upside down and skinned. After being skinned alive, some animals hearts are still beating for 5-10 minutes after, struggling to breath as they slowly die.

Animals need their skin as much as we do. 


The leather industry doesn’t just destroy animal lives. It devastates our planet too. With every ton of leather hide produced equating to 2,000 pounds of solid decay including hair, salt and flesh

Not to mention 15,000 gallons of water waste. Near tanneries, it’s not unusual to find toxic substances like arsenic, chromium, lead, zinc, cyanic and polychlorinated biphenyls.

And despite the likes of the US environmental protection agency deeming the chromium used in chrome tanning as hazardous. The leather industry still continues to profit from this exploitation.

Fortunately, though, things are changing. Because we have access to alternative materials like vegan leather which looks great and doesn’t have the negative impact on the environment that animal leather does.

At Time IV Change we always vow to put people, animals and the planet first. And we’re proud to offer you positive alternatives that reflect your values.  


Not only does leather production have an adverse effect on animals. But it’s harmful to people too. As tannery workers are exposed to lethal chemicals used to create animal leather, such as arsenic. This can lead to terminal illnesses such as lung cancer.

Moreover, untreated water supplies near tanneries mean that communities of people living near these tanneries are at risk of things such as lead poisoning.  

Even finished leather contains strong allergens. And can contribute to skin conditions such as eczema. So there’s health risks with leather throughout the supply chain. So by opting for vegan leather alternatives you're helping to shape a kinder world for everyone.

The production of our watches also takes place in a factory that is SA8000 certified, which means our workers are treated fairly, paid fairly and work in a safe and healthy environment. 

We are a PETA approved company.

Our leather is REACH compliant.

Our watches and bands are ethically produced in a certified SA8000 Factory.